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During the past 60 years Avon have definitely moved with the times! As a representative you now have the choice of how and where you want to work, whether you want to sell Avon door to door in the traditional way or purely sell Avon online that is entirely your decision.


How much does it cost to join Avon?

You have the choice of 3 different starter kits - once this has been invoiced you then have 13 days to clear your balance. Your kit is delivered to you free of charge 


How much money does an Avon representative make?

Well that depends on the representative to be honest. EVERYONE who joins Avon automatically earns 20% commission in their first brochure cycle with us.

The opportunity is there for the taking so whether you join to benefit from the discounts, to earn a second income or to build a strong business it is entirely up to you.


From your second order sales of £90 gives you 20% commission, sales of £170 gives you 25% commission. Commission is carried over to your following 3 week cycle too. On some products you can up to 35% commission.


Whether you want to go big and earn a full time living or whether you join to receive our amazing discounts we will support you every step of the way.

How does being an Avon representative work?

A brochure cycle lasts for 3 weeks

You can order as many times during the three week cycle as you want

You are not tied to a particular date for ordering and delivering

You have an online store which you can share on social media anyone in the UK can order from you.

You receive an instant brochure so customers can browse the brochure online.

You receive an exclusive representative discount brochure

Avon can deliver online store orders for you

The more you sell the more you're rewarded with Avon's President Club


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